11 Things to Do with Dates

11 Things to Do with Dates

In addition to being super nutritious and delicious (yes, we're a little biased!), dates are also very versatile. They can be used in both savory and sweet dishes to add another element of flavor to so many tastes!


Present Them on a platter - Cheese boards are all the rage. To make yours memorable, why not switch out tired dried fruit for some plump dates? Salted nuts and seeds, salami and fresh fruit such as grapes can complete this shared dish that you can whip up in no time.


Stuff 'em - For another crowd-pleasing appetizer, pipe ricotta or cashew cream into pitted dates. Wrap them with salty strips of prosciutto, then bake at about 350 until the cheese is melted or the cashew cream browns slightly and the prosciutto turns crispy. You can also tuck smoked almonds or other nuts into them for a no-bake, vegan treat or on-the-go snack. One of our favorites is to stuff dates with PB Americano's Peanut or Almond Butters!


Toss 'em in your Breakfast Bowl - Jazz up your morning bowl of oatmeal or other hot cereal with a sprinkling of chopped dates and some fresh berries.


Bake Them In — Dates and pecans or walnuts go together like peas and carrots when baking savory yet sweet bread and muffins for breakfast or a mid-day snack.


Top your Toast - Sliced dates turn ordinary toast into a proper breakfast. Spread a little sunflower or almond butter on your toast, layer thin slices of tart apples and then sprinkle with dates to complete this healthy, protein-packed breakfast staple.


Get Jammin' - If you've found yourself with too many dates on your hands, why not turn them into jam? With a little vanilla extract and cinnamon, you can give your surplus of dates a second lease on life! Put your jam into pretty jars and give them as hostess gifts in favor of wine next time you're invited to a shindig.


Put Them in Pancakes - Dates really are the perfect way to get your day started. For a special treat, mix chopped dates into your pancake batter in place of blueberries or chocolate chips. You can even turn your dates into a rich, delicious way to top those delicious pancakes!


Stew Them Up - Dates are right at home in Moroccan-inspired dishes like vegetable stews served with couscous or chickpeas. Chop finely or run through a processor prior to adding to recipe.


Use Them as a Binder - Thanks to their sticky consistency, dates are great for swapping out in place of eggs and oils for vegan and raw food crusts, cookies, energy bars and more!


10. Blend Them - Dates are delicious to add into date shakes and smoothies with some frozen bananas or ice cream! Our chopped and pitted dates are ready to throw into the blender.


Make Them Savory - Though dates have their own sweet flavor, they can serve in savory dishes, too. Toss them with a variety of olives and marinate them in oil, a splash of vinegar and herbs, then chop the mixture to create a delicious tapenade atop pita or crostini, or serve it over brown rice or noodles for a vegetarian dish.

No matter how you slice, dice or chop them, dates are tasty and adaptable to a variety of flavor profiles. So get creative in the kitchen with dates!

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