Khadrawy Dates | 1 lb

Khadrawy are smaller than Medjool Dates with a milder, less sweet flavor.

Sphinx Date Co.


Khadrawy are smaller than Medjool Dates with less sugar and a mllder flavor. .

They are a dark mahogany color and feature a dry, flaky, paperlike skin.

In the 1960s the Sphinx Date Ranch packing plant and store on Lafayette were moved to a nearby grove on Camelback Road across from the Royal Palms Inn. Here we would operate until the mid-1970s. The property was the original home of the Shalimar Date Gardens. Sphinx would partner with Shalimar over the next 15 years or so to bring to the Valley local grown dates and specialties. We are excited to partner with local farmer Hassena ( and the homeowners to bring you Khadrawy Dates from this original grove.

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